Guntars Račs about Marek Medin, who died prematurely: "It is painful that only one brother remains" – Celebrities – Entertainment

According to the musician and poet Guntars Račs, the publication "Private life", nobody has the power to foresee such tragic situations, because nobody saves his health by restoring the independence of Latvia.

"When the company was in operation, there was a lot of stress and the brothers did not calm down at the time of the racket, because the Medininkai did not calm down.While it was possible to live quietly, health had already been thoroughly undermined, the brothers were a very risky company and no one had ever fallen asleep because of the eternal problems with emotional problems: musicians, kitchen, guards, painful sensation that only one brother remains … I saw them as a tandem, because they both participated everywhere. was always a feeling that the Medini brothers will be eternal and able to talk to each other … Peace and balance that nothing could go wrong They are just people without big ambitions, even though they have made big projects. Beginning when both Pablo clubs were owned by Liepaja, they were all a big rock-n-roll, because the brothers fought both with local customs and with the wishes of the municipality and opportunities, "dee lt Rach.

It turned out that it was planned in the past together with the music characters to expand the Lvada arena in Liepaja, because Marek was one of the idea of ​​the establishment of Latvian musicians for the initiators. "He left the day before … Now he will have his place in the alley."

One of Marek's closest people was Brother Raivo. "Private life," he said, the life of his brother was suddenly over, because in the end Marek looked and looked much better than 10 years ago. "He lived with the thought that all the great things we will do together are still ahead."

Raivo says that both families have a close relationship with their wives and children every day. Apart from brother, relatives and friends meet in the smart cafe where the musicians will perform and everyone will share his memories about Marek.

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