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In Pavilosta, on the coast of Ulmale, the so-called "home-ship movement" took place deeper in the interior along the pasture without permanent tracks. The building itself is also at the required distance from the coastal vegetation belt. On Wednesday 27 August, a representative of the State Military Service (VVD) has verified their territory.

Employees at the property say they have been preparing for the transfer of the building for four months, but the process itself took ten hours. The owner of the planned work has regularly informed the municipality of the Pavilosta district.

"He [īpašnieks Argods Lūsiņš] regularly sent photo's of municipalities. I also went several times myself, saw how it went.

It is the farmland that was guarded, everything was carefully done on the wooden pedestrians, "said Uldis Kristapsons, chairman of the Pavilosta County Council (" We are in our region ").

On Monday SFS inspector Andris Junkurs inspected the situation in the protection zone of the dune. After his observations and photofixations, the movement of the structure took place along the pasture without permanent traces. The building itself is also at the required distance from the coastal vegetation belt.

"It has been very well traveled and the work on the site has been carried out with hydraulic lifts, quietly rolling, and there are literally no operations on the field next to the building.

The field is arable land, such as a meadow, and is not treated. The 30×15 meter area is the only one where the top layer is removed, but there is a sown grass, "said Junkur.

Last month the problem with the relocation of the "home ship" has been solved successfully, the president of the Pavilosta County Council acknowledges. However, you should get an official confirmation that the building has been moved outside the coastal protection zone. "This morning we asked written information to the owner to submit an official document, signed by a recognized expert, for the construction of 151 meters."

The transfer period & # 39; from home to ship & # 39; has been extended several times. This time it was September 30th.


In mid-January, the regional newspaper Kursa Laiks ("Course time") discovered that a building that looks like a house on the sea coast at Pavilosta has been around for many years, but after the first documentation it is a ship under construction. However, it was not used as a vessel. Later building supervisors recognized the "house ship" as a building.

After this, the government did not see the need to change the law to solve the situation of the "home ship". The owner of the building was determined to remove the built objects. The & # 39; home ship & # 39; has just moved from the sea to the deepest interior.

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