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The training of "Majestic 2018" organized by the National Forces "Namejs 2018", organized by the National Police, has so far been held in Valmiera on Friday. Their goal is to test and train the capacities of response and interinstitutional cooperation in the event of a country's threat, overcoming the unrest.

By making use of the freedom of assembly, in the vicinity of the armed group Valmiera, they arise and cause riots with the aim of taking over the power. People armed with different weapons – sticks, stacks, are aggressive and resist the police, which tries to rebel the rebels. This is a training scenario that is being screened today to test the responsiveness of the state police and cooperation partners in the event of a national threat.

The training scenario assumes that people initially meet in a small picket that turns into spontaneous riots. Citizens start by demolishing, burning and using a weapon to build a municipal building.

Moreover, the operation not only takes place in one place, but the services must be able to respond and resist people who simultaneously try to participate in the event.

"I have to go in, I have, see, there's a hut there, what if I have the keys of that hut with a gun and I have to turn it off If I turn off, I'll be like that. Go, you try to avoid attention, I have to drop the hut is loose, if they lock their cabin, ours have won, "said the student of the state police training, Andris Jērcēns.

During the training, the state police launched the "Insurgents" plan for the first time on Friday, which seeks to attract partners from the national fire and rescue service and the national armed forces to normalize the situation. Support is also provided by the national guard 2.Power battalions of the Middle East brigade, who have ensured the safety of the surrounding population on the spot.

"We have to put together this interinstitutional cooperation – how can we coordinate it, for example, vocation, command structure, coordination, so that these actions can be coordinated.

Other support from the community, such as employers, is also needed. If this happens and the guard is called to provide police support on a working day, it is very important that the employer starts his work when he needs it, "said Ieva Karlsberga, head of the civil-military cooperation department of the 2nd division of the Vidzeme Brigade General Staff.

"The most important thing was to play this cooperation here, this understanding of the actions to be done and the command structure.There are two head offices – one in Riga and one here.In essentially there are three operational groups that are filtration, This is a research into the findings of these violations and must also be documented, because it is clear that this is a criminal trial, to some extent the first was already on January 13, 2009. It was not training, it was a real situation, " said the State Police Chief Ints Ķuzis.

Local residents were also on the verge of attending the national police training.

"I really like it, we even heard the balls in the garden and it was a bit frightening for our friends," said Valerie Leonora Vanaga. "I think I will see that boys have to run faster, probably there will be others, only training can be understood," said Valmiera Signe Dreimane.

But Valmieriete Justīne Stilve expressed her opinion: "However, such training is essential to protect Latvia and our Valmiera."

The State Police estimates that the elimination of the unrest was successful. More conclusions will be drawn from analyzing the training as a whole and evaluating the tactical and methodological actions of the service.

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