How to increase the value of a property and protect yourself from future complications – Real Estate – House

1. Registration in the Land Registry

Information about the property must be viewed in a publicly accessible Land Registry. The certificate of the owner of the land (paper) is given to the owners, but all current information is available in the State Unified Computerized Land Register, which is regarded as the central database that contains information about all properties registered in the land register. Latvia is being distributed. In the land register you can see both the current owner of the house and the encumbrance of the object of the accommodation, etc. data. It gives a general picture of the property and prevents problems in the future, for example to prevent another property from being obtained from a dishonest estate seller.

Investigate whether and what kind of possessions are owned. If you become familiar with the property taxes in the real estate register section, you will be informed about this and you will get a better idea of ​​how you can use your property in the future and whether the restrictions will be limited to you. The property part of the land register consists of four parts, including the following:

2) the owner of the property,

3) property taxes,

4) property debts.

Difficulties can be found in parts 3 and 5 of the land book. Part 4 The third part deals with fixed rights of rights, with registered rent (rental) rights being the most common, and fourth lease rights.

The various barriers are different technical means of communication (water, gas, communication channels for waste water, telecommunications taxes). For example, it should be taken into account that the telecommunication law protects this communication and that the owner can not eliminate these connections just because they intervene.

The objections of different servitude (road, water, etc.) are very common. Service is an encumbrance imposed on one property and serves a different quality. It is recorded in the & # 39; Landing & # 39; and if it serves the home to someone, it is binding on the owner and must comply with these obligations.

On the website and the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, the documentation of the certified persons in the concrete home must be verified. This information is necessary for buying a property, since not only unwanted tenants – natural persons but also registered legal persons – can take care of the new owner. The declarant's certificate can be obtained by the owner of the property, but the addresses of the legal entities can be viewed in the register of companies of the Republic of Latvia.

If you want to buy a piece of land, you also need the t.s. to investigate. possible future costs that can be found in the development plan of each municipality showing the purpose for this territory. This makes it possible to verify, for example, that there is no planned industrial or commercial building on the site where the private house is to be built, whether a motorway is planned over your country, etc. Such information – a declaration of the building board – can are requested by the seller of the property, or you can familiarize yourself with the information that is publicly available to the local authorities.

3. Main documentation: land border plan, cadastral overview (inventory) case

In the cadastral system managed by the State Department, the registers and updates most important data on real estate, land units, buildings (buildings), groups of buildings, parts of land units and the data describing it, as well as the owners, legal holders, users and tenants. By logging on to this site and using the e-service "My data in the land register", you can find information about your property on and You can view both the original documents and the cadastral value of all properties and ordering information electronically. There will be construction site plans, actual land plans, and so on. information that must absolutely be checked, especially when you buy a home.

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