I hope to check 200 cars & # 39; s; who missed the registration hopes for luck

The unusual hangover today is in Satiksmes street – eight o'clock or a fulltime job at SIA "Scantest" at the Liepaja station from five o'clock in the afternoon to one night in the night of the CSDD "Technical inspection night ", the only event with the technical inspection power this year. In Kurzeme

In contrast to the previous Technical Inspection Nights in Liepaja, which took place four years ago in 2014, there were no major queues since everyone had the opportunity to request the event at CSDD e-services, the most suitable time to choose and arrive immediately,

Some of the technical inspection and certification inspection of the CSDD (TKSI), Janis Liepins, explains that CSDD drivers in the seventh year in all countries free auto-diagnostics offers to to check the safety of their vehicle.

Asked whether points The goal that was set at night was justified, explained J.Liepiņš: "I would like to say that the importance of people is already the first indicator of how important this event is."

"It is important that we often think that it is with us The car is okay, but the statistics from the technical assessment show that our conviction is not always correct", he continues.

In turn, the question asked how average the vehicle is viewed during the technical inspection of the night, J.Liepiņš acknowledges: "One is Riga, where about one and a half thousand cars are being watched." In other cities we look on average 150 and 250 cars The number depends on the size of the technical inspection station In Liepaja we want to aim for two hundred. "On 11 August, 220 vehicles were tested at Daugavpils during this event.

The work in Liepaja runs smoothly, while a dozen inspectors worked on the line – not just Liepaja staff, but also inspectors from other stations in Kurzeme – Saldus, Kuldiga and others "The signature system was designed to make people feel as comfortable as possible. to feel, there should not be hours in the queue ", adds J.Liepins.

Previously registered for free diagnostics, there were about one and a half hundred drivers.

"My car immediately after a week, the assessment will end, so I came to see what had to be done before I checked it", says Ainar, who stops at Opel: "And it turns out there are a few things to be done It was the trouble of signing up and definitely worth it.It is not necessary to go to the service to do diagnostics. "

A similar picture of the" BMW "hostess Signei:" You have to know what must be done as soon as a technical inspection and it is good that I came because this and that need to be repaired. "

But those who had not previously signed up for various reasons stood in a living quadrant and hoped for happiness. For example, someone who has registered before will not leave.

Audi, owner of Gints, asked why he had not been logged in before, so he did not have to queue up, admits: "I do not think there could be so much interest from drivers that there will be so many I care about the car, but I want to know if the car, where my wife goes every day, everything is in the best possible condition. "So he was prepared to stand in line for three hours.

"Citroën" landlady Ivan admits that he is ready to sit in line hours and even two, only to get a free diagnosis: "There was a lot of work and there was no time to get ahead but diagnostics is very necessary because the technical inspection is approaching, and maybe even that waiting will be hooked by success and it will go out tonight. "

Yes, this is the possibility of a technical inspection at night. If the customer so wishes, he can also carry out a technical inspection of his car and receive a sticker before he makes the necessary payments to the CSDD. And so & # 39; n customer was not the only one, the portal was seen.

But there was also a significant number of identified failures. J.Liepiņš admits: "All in all, the type of non-conformity or defects coincides with what we see daily in the technical inspection, mainly due to lights, suspensions, brakes and rust that we use as carriers of the virus. "

It should be noted that in addition to the Technical Inspection Night, where a free diagnosis of the car can be carried out, in the buildings of the CSDD Liepaja department, you can get acquainted with the campaign" We for a safe car ! "a traveling photo exhibition" Scary reality on the road "that leaves no one indifferent

Torn tires and completely worn treads, rusty holes in car bodies and parts, lighthouses with wood strings – this is a reality that occurs every day

Technical inspection of Liepaja The night is held for the second time. Earlier, in 2014, 163 cars were checked in Liepaja

According to the statistics, 23,439 vehicles were tested at the Liepaja technical inspection station last year. It is a busy technical control station in Kurzeme. Liepaja serves an average of 93 customers daily. For the first time, Liepaja carries 61% of the car in a technical inspection, whereas in Latvia in 2017 it averaged 60%.

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