In Latvia, a generation of unemployed people who do not know how to work and who does not want to work, concludes the entrepreneur

Inga Zemdega-Grape, the owner of the "Nemo" hub factory, said that the idea of ​​raising productivity levels in Latvia has been forgotten, and that the generation of unemployed people who do not know how and in which country does not want to work is made.

In conversation with other entrepreneurs she concluded that the people who want to work already have jobs and work. This is a myth that a workforce is available in Latvia. She said, "This is the workforce that wants and can not," she said.

According to the host, there is also a myth in Latvia that the future belongs to companies with high added value and high-tech. It is only partly true, that is, the youth will work in this area, but it has been forgotten that the age of 45 has been violated by people who do not have such a good understanding of technology.

She mentioned an example from her company where technology with higher education refused. Work with a computer because the device "causes bad weather". In the same way, the masters refused to enter information on the computer, and this is not the case.

She believes that the country should offer jobs for these people, many of them working in Latvia in traditional sectors such as agriculture and forestry, but they are no longer as easy to train in technology.

The entrepreneur believes that Latvia has forgotten to think about increasing productivity, which is lagging behind our country in the West. This suggests that employees in the West are motivated differently, but as a result of the policy being implemented by Latvia, "the total destruction of wages" has led to a group of people who do not want to work or do not want to prove themselves.

"We have created an unemployed generation, I do not want to work and I do not want to work, and when I look at the employee better, he declares that he will not work at work tomorrow.It is blackmail, although there is no A lot of work for the employee is I struggle for good employees, but now a blackmail is a retaliation, it can be cured if there is an alternative.I could do a lot if I had employees, but the state clearly has no taxes necessary because it increases taxes on existing employees, "the host emphasized.

The topic of the subject of emigration was also discussed during the opening of the forum cycle. Representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MEPRD) acknowledged that many people abroad are not aware of the general situation in Latvia and believe that there is no work in Latvia, there are waiting times in kindergartens and there is no possibility here.

The representatives of the MEPRD admitted that much has been discussed. on whether immigrants should receive special privileges on their return to Latvia. Representatives of the ministry believe that this is necessary because people in the surveys have acknowledged that they want to return, but they expect this special support. Such support is necessary because people living abroad are disbelieving in Latvia.

Participants in the discussion also encouraged the local population to support re-emigrants, because the re-emigrants themselves point out that the local population does not want to accept them. Schoolchildren also called the children of re-emigrants in educational institutions, so teachers were invited to pay attention to this problem.

The representative of the association "Ludza Crafts Center" Ēriks Kondrāts both indicated that they should not worry too much about the re-immigration issues, because in the 19th century they left Latvia to Russia many more people. Many people have also been exported to the 20th century, but "we have been able to reproduce ourselves," he said. "Those who no longer want to live in the outside world will return without all the programs, they will complete everything and will get it," Kondrat said.

The Latvian Forum of Values ​​is a new initiative to explain the current situation in the growing problem of labor in the region and to identify the most important life conclusions to improve the environment in Latvia. In August and September a total of five forums are held in the cycle – one in each in the planning region of Latvia.

The next forum will be held on August 22 in Cesis, but in September events will take place in the programming regions of Kurzeme, Zemgale and Riga

All forums of "Latvia Values" will be discussed. same topics by comparing problems and conclusions in each region. Several studies and surveys have concluded that the level of reimbursement is not the only determining factor in attracting the interest of Latvian job seekers and the Diaspora. The Forum will discuss various factors that directly affect employees and indirectly affect employers and influence the results of both parties, says Egils Cīrulis, chairman of the board of the National Values ​​Fund of Latvia.

The Forum is intended to talk about improving the living environment in Latvia – for services for families. with children, entrepreneurship in the region & # 39; s, the experience of re-emigrants, as well as the transfer of the desired information to the target audience, that is, how is it clear and easy for people to have information about the services of the state and local authorities in the relevant segment, how the information provided influences the volume of the use of services, how the information can improve

Representatives of the state and local authorities, specialists from the national employment office, entrepreneurs, employee organizations, diaspora organizations will participate in the roundtables on the forum. n other involved parties. Citizens of the region will also be invited to participate in each forum.

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