In the Beavers & # 39; parish, after the cappuccino speech, the pulpit will collapse:

Inara Sudare
August 21, 2018 09:58
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The clan's office collapsed after the cappuccino talk at the Zuteni cemetery in the Bebru parish.

"Even when the preacher went to the pulpit, he scratched, but when he came out, something collapsed, the pastor still shook it with his hand, and one side collapsed. Wanted the Bebras responsible with cappuccino & # 39; Maybe we wanted to take part in the video-acting contest, the place was guaranteed, but it was an absolutely flashy "joke", "says Alma & # 39; s wife (known surname) to the newspaper" Staburags ".
Pastor Valdis Baltruks: "When the dunk climber was at the end of the hill, he fluttered and I thought I would" go "any time! When I got off, I wound the light and one side sank because everything was cut off. "

Read the full article in the newspaper "Staburags" on August 21st.

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