In the fall of the deserted residential floor, a man hurt in Zemgale:

September 17, 2018 11:19
128 times

Yesterday in Zemgale
Walking through the deserted house, a 61-year-old man fell from several
Meter height, when suddenly the floor raided, told the agency LETA
Emergency Medical Service (NMPD) spokeswoman Arita

After falling, the man was injured in his arms and legs, and was admitted to hospital with suspicion of damage to the internal organs.

Other places in Zemgale, 38 years old
The man fell down the stairs when he carried out repairs at home. Man in the hospital
was delivered to the back and pelvic lesions.

In general, NMPD physicians went to the clinic in the last 24 hours
980 calls, of which 189 due to various injuries and


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