In the next week in Latvia, air can rise to +27 degrees; many places / day

The first day of school starts with fog, light breeze blows and the temperature rises from +9 .. + 16 degrees in the morning to +20 .. + 25 degrees in the afternoon. Locations – with the greatest probability in the eastern region – can be temporarily rainy.

The expectation is that the coming days will be cloudy, many will swell, locally expected thunderstorms. The temperature of the air at night will not sink below +10 degrees, and on warmer days, with more frequent exposure to the sun, it can rise to +22 .. + 27 degrees.

Usually it will be a slow wind, during the darkness of the day, thickened fog in some places.

The Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology warns that the places in the central part of Latvia, including in Riga, will have a high fire risk in the forests.

According to preliminary data, the meteorological summer of this year is the longest in Latvia's history. The meteorological autumn will occur when the daily average air temperature falls irreversibly below + 15 degrees and is not expected to take place sooner than a week later.

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