It is expected that a sad warm day will let the mist flow away – Weather

Earlier in the morning, in many places in Latvia, there is a fog where the visibility is less than 500 meters, up to 100 meters, according to the Latvian environmental, geological and meteorological center.

At five o'clock in the morning the thickest fog was observed in Priekulu meteosta, where the visibility was only 78 meters. The visibility in Stalagin at that time was reduced to 126 meters, while the lake Saldus – up to 157 meters.

There is no rain in Latvia, but there is a slight spraying on the places affected by the fog. Blows slow wind and is windy.

On Monday, in the midst of fog clouds, the sun will shine and the air temperatures will rise to +20 … + 25 degrees in the afternoon, according to a prediction of synoptics.

Cumulonimbus clouds, the largest of these places can cause a temporary occurrence. Wind blows slowly and moderately from the northeast, the sea wind is expected on the coast.

In Riga, on the first day of school, the sun is raining with clouds and clouds, slowly to moderate north-easterly winds going north. The air will rise to +23 … + 24 degrees and at sea it will not be warmer than +21 degrees.

The weather conditions are determined by an anti-cyclone. The atmospheric pressure decreases slowly, in the morning it is a millimeter of 770-771 mbar at sea level.

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