It was forbidden to be in a bus with such a "beast"! The driver leaves a woman with a dog snake outside the door

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The driver of the car company "Jēkabpils autobusu parks" has forbidden to bring a small dog to the bus, although in the past the courier of the bus station was asked to arrange the transport of the animal.

After showing the dog kennel of the Jack Russell breeder at the Daugavpilssky bus station, the woman asked if there was a problem with the carriage before buying a ticket for a bus from Daugavpils to Ilūkste. She received an answer from the employee of the bus station to safely steer the dog.

"Kassé said that we would leave without problems, I paid the money for the ticket for myself, got on the bus and wanted to buy a bill of lading for the dogwood." The driver, without explaining anything, began to complain that he was this beast. would not take it in. Do not miss it But I asked the treasury to even show the dog if he could carry it The bus station says there will be no problem, "the broadcast of the story told by Vita.

"The regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers apply to this trip, which explicitly states that when a pet is transported in public transport, the dog must be exposed to a pest or transported in a special container or cage," said Aija Vetere, representative of SIA "Jēkabpils autobusu parks".

A representative of Jēkabpils Bus Park meets the stone in the Daugavpilssky Gardens Bus Station because she did not explain the rules to the woman who did not routinely wear the animal before she sold the ticket.

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