Jelgava & # 39; s new record of August 24

On Friday afternoon the highest air temperature was recorded in Jelgava, where it reached +30.8 degrees, and on 24 August this place was not available yet, the portal got to know it in the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology.

On the new date of this day the highest temperature record was also in Kolka, where the thermometer column rises to +26.9 degrees.

Riga recorded a +29.1 degree, and the record was not reached in the capital – on August 24, 1995 the temperature reached +30.5 degrees, and the heat file of the entire country before that date, which was also installed in 1995, is +32, 9 degrees.

It has already been said that after the hot Friday, the cold weather in Latvia will be on holiday, rain is also expected.

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