Jurista Vārds – Message: a complete transition to electronic document management in the construction process is planned from 2019

The complete transition to the electronic document movement in the construction process is planned from 2019

The amended legislative changes provide for the transition to the full electronic document circulation of the construction process from 1 January 2019. Municipalities that do not yet feel ready to fully switch to electronic document circulation will be given the opportunity to include a transitional period in the binding rules, but no longer than 31 December 2019. At the end of the transitional period, the construction process will only begin and continue electronically. An exception is made for those building processes that are already based on paper – these processes can be completed in paper form without a time limit.

Electronic document circulation enables each participant in the construction process to receive government-guaranteed electronic services in a simple, fast and efficient way, regardless of their location, without additional administrative burdens.

Likewise, the law eliminates the obligation to publish information on the website of the municipality on the internet, with the retention of the obligation to provide relevant information to the BIS, thereby ensuring that all relevant information regarding the building processes is present. .

The BIS information and its dissemination are offered in the form of electronic documents and structured data. As a result, the building boards or institutions that carry out the functions of the building management, the decisions taken and the harmonization of the construction idea is implemented, as well as the technical and special regulations, the publishers are harmonized to the requirements in the relevant regulations in the form of electronically structured data in the BIS are met. This reduces the administrative burden for all parties involved in the construction process. The authority can inform the applicant that the requested document is available in the SPS.

In order to increase the reach of persons whose construction agency BIS can give to represent themselves in the administrative process of construction, the bill stipulates that the construction designer can not only give the building specialists permission for their administrative administrative procedures, but also the legal services of other private persons such as family members, legal service providers, etc. The goal is to make a person more convenient, cheaper and more efficient in the authorization process in the electronic environment, while guaranteeing the correct identification of the person.

For the acquisition of the BIS functionality, the audit office will provide free advice on the usability of the building information system.

At the same time, we are now informing that, using the possibilities offered by the BIS, almost all municipal construction panels use electronic document circulation. The most active are building plates of the districts Stopinu, Ikskile, Salaspils, Madona, Kuldiga, Liepaja, Limbazi, Ozolnieki and Saldus. Contracts for the use of BIS have been signed by all municipalities in Latvia, with the exception of the municipality of Riga.

In detail, the amendments to the Building Act approved by the MCC can be found on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers; they still have to be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and the Saeima.

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