KNAB does not initiate criminal proceedings after Ms Juraks request for money transfers to NA politicians / Article / LSM.LV

Prevention of Corruption and Combating Bureau (KNAB) refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the possible transfer of funds from the former insolvency administrator Aigars Lusz to the National Alliance for All for Latvia – "Fatherland and Freedom" / LNNK (VL TB) after the application of the Riga City Council opposition Juris Juras (JKP) / LNNK), according to the agency LETA.

Former head of the KNAB Operations Division, Riga's current opposition legislator, Juares, told the LETA office that part of the Lusus account was released at the end of June, stating the transfer to Raivim Dzintars, chairman of VL-TB / LNNK , and a member of the board member of VL-TB / LNNK. Imantam Debtor and his wife. On the basis of this information, Juarez assumes that Amber has transferred more than 100,000 euros, but that Debtors have more than half a million euros. The transfer of funds probably took place over several years.

The request was not only sent by Jääas, but also by Dzintars to law enforcement authorities. Now Dzintars posted on Facebook a letter from the KNAB researcher who said that it was decided to refuse to initiate criminal proceedings because there is no criminal offense.

The investigator concluded that the facts mentioned in the application of Juraz about Amber's corruption and the debtor are based on the assumption made after negotiations with people who have not been identified, the content of these conversations is unknown and not has been established and no claim has been obtained. Nor has it been established that the debtor had received money from another person to cover his debt – there is no evidence for it and it is moreover not possible to obtain it.

When asked if it would not sue Juraz for possible defamation, LETA reacted to the office of Dzintars: "We will decide on this after the elections, and now we will not spend this time."


Legislative documents show that the transfers are in the form of loans, but he believes that bribery has taken place. Juraz also believes that the former insolvency administrator, Maris Sprūds, who was involved in criminal proceedings with Lūsis, was involved in the organization of transfers.

Former chairman of the KNAB's KNAB Operations Quarter, Juraz, said that both aforementioned politicians regularly defended the interests of the two former directors, such as Peltes Property, in the insolvency proceedings.

Juares did not say how he had received his account prints before, but argued that law enforcement would have every opportunity to ensure that the information was truthful.

For the protection of personal data Juarez has not published any documents because the prints also contain data from other persons and companies.

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