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An investigation into the Corruption Prevention and Control of Office (KNAB) on the compensation of fuel for compensation by the member of the Saeima Askolds Kevenas (Green and Farmers & # 39; Union) is under threat. However, thanks to the monitoring of telephone conversations, KNAB succeeded in misleading the "intelligence" sent by a deputy to the fact that there were no criminal proceedings.

The Latvian television program "de facto" is aware that the suspicion was based on a telephone conversation, in which the old-fashioned woman of the Green Party, former Prime Minister Indulis Emsis, had already announced in mid-May about the upcoming problems. How could Emsis, the politicians of the Greens and the Farmers' Union explain this to Pinas. Meanwhile, the Attorney General has not detected any crime in this leak of information, as the investigation did not cause significant damage.

"De facto" is known that in mid-May Kļaviņš received a phone call from an old follower – former leader of the Latvian Green Party and former Prime Minister Indulis Ešs. Emsis said he had heard the expected problems in the Saeima in recent days. During the negotiations both discuss what can be done to deal with fuel shifts and to look at the error.

"De facto" this week asked the KNAB head, Jacob Straume, to explain why he claimed a week ago that the KNAB probably would not have the information about the leakage of information in the case of Askold Klavin. In a short story, Straume refused to interview and explained that he believes: he does not have to participate in a campaign of a political organization in a campaign, in an attempt to refute the widespread lies and half-truths. "I have not messed up," stressed Straume and Inetu Ciruli, head of the research department, was assigned to the interview.

Ciruli assured that in the case of Klavins all the necessary evidence had been collected because the consequences of the leak had been rectified immediately and according to her, the information received from a member had not initially started to flow from the office.

"Of course there are always worries, but, as I said, we also requested this information from the Saeima before the process began, and as a result this circle of individuals expanded and the fact that KNAB paid attention to these compensations was not only known to the researcher and not just KNAB, "says Ciru.

Although a point was legally applied to this case, since the decision of the Chief Prosecutor General of the Attorney General, Modris Adlers, was not disputed, political shocks begin only because the Prime Minister Maris Kuczins (the Union of Green and Farmers) about the planned leakage is planned by both Saeima's national safety committee and "Unity" -faction.

In this case, clarification is possible if the KNAB researcher has published a report that has been sent to the public prosecution service. In theory, this could happen after the conclusion of the investigation in the main proceedings on the fuel injection of the connected party to Mr Klavinas.


The KNAB turned to the public prosecutor's office in connection with a possible leak of research information in the case of Askold Kļaviņš, but the criminal proceedings did not start because of a lack of composition of the crime. However, it follows from this case that the information may have been disclosed by Prime Minister Maris Kuczinsks. Kuchinsky denied the accusations that he would have disclosed such information.

The Latvian television program "De facto" reminded last week that, at a time when the Saeima decided in June to give the KNAB permission to search for Klavin's residence and in a car, he himself in a debate from the stage had said he'd heard for a while that something like that would have happened.

In mid-August the media reports that Kluvin was destroyed by a former prime minister of the Green and Farmers' Union, Indulis Emsis, while the KNAB listened to this telephone conversation.

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