Latvia is participating in the World Talks with a special message for the next hundred years – Green Life

The message of the people of Latvia to the whole world will therefore be unequivocal: we plant the Garden of Happiness for the health and good life of our Latvia and the entire planet. The World Talks start at 10:00 local time in New Zealand and follow the sun all day, covering all 24 time zones. The talks end in Hawaii.

The World Talks will be the largest joint talk in the history of the world.

"The pollution that Latvia is already fighting and successfully dealing with is a global problem that needs a lot of support and attention from around the world so that we can reach the impossible – to clean up the entire planet." The Great Talks invite everyone will participate in this joint action of this whole plan, to prove this love to the 200th anniversary of Latvia, to future generations and to our sustainability.Therefore, the inhabitants of Latvia are invited to the Treasures of Happiness & # 39; to plant and plant, and to show the way to the restoration of the world environment and to create a new tradition in Latvia – for each of its treasures of happiness, "says Vita Jaunzeme, the head of the Great Talks.

A special map has been made on on the Big Talk website, in which everyone, large and small, is named to mark the place where the seed was sown or planted, and a wish for Latvia and the rest of the world in the next 100 years.

Everyone is invited to sew their tree seeds on September 15 or to place the tree in a specially designed card on the website of the map section: and share his work with the commentators # LielāTalka, #demonstration of the future. All municipalities, schools, kindergartens, non-governmental organizations, groups of friends and every individual are invited to participate.

A direct link with one of the Latvian tree plant locations is also planned to demonstrate Latvia's attitude towards the nature and longevity of the inhabitants of other countries.

Also, people living in the world are invited to occupy themselves with cleaning up their homeland, finding detailed information about each country on the website or setting up a tree, just as we would do in Latvia.

  • Preparing seedlings for seedlings or finding a tree seedlings;
  • This year On 15 September, his institution;
  • Take a picture, record video and send it to Big Talk;
  • Mark your plantation on the Latvian map
  • Use #GreatTalk, #Students and upload to social networks.

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