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The report states that during the site visit it was difficult for the authors of the study to obtain precise information on the number, status and functions of advisers and staff, in particular on freelance consultants. The authors of the research were convinced, however, that there is no point in recruiting family members in these positions.

At the same time, the report indicates that there is no restriction on the number of persons employed in Latvia. In the case of freelance consultants, the average score varies between three and five in each institution, although in some cases, such as the Ministry of Health, the number of such persons or persons with an equivalent status is around 20.

"Although the two categories of advisers can influence the decision-making processes because they are closer to the members of the government, information about the websites of these institutions is not easy to find. The names of the freelance employees who have been appointed by the Prime Minister are published in the "Latvijas Vēstnesis" and the names of the advisers are mentioned on the websites of some ministries In Latvia it would be advisable to publish the names of all advisors and employees, as well as freelance advisers and persons with an equivalent status, it is clearly distinguished which of them receives compensation for the functions carried out but receives no remuneration, "according to the report.

To ensure transparency, GRECO recommends publishing the names of advisors and employees and external advisors and any other unpaid government advisers online and to provide information on their most important work and additional work, including business contracts, for the latter two categories. completed by the central government, are easily accessible online.

In order to exclude any undue influence on government decision-making or the appearance of it, GRECO sees that the conflict management system should also apply to unpaid "freelance advisers" and unpaid advisors to the central government, as are their duties.

The report also recommends that state police and border security have the necessary means to carry out their duties, and to develop accurate, objective and transparent criteria for awarding bonuses, to promote their consistent application and adequate monitoring and supervision. enter this area. The authors of the report indicate that the authorities should ensure that police and border guards are as decent and profitable as possible, which in itself could be a powerful means of combating corruption.

GRECO also recommends the adoption and implementation of a protectionist report from the State Police and the State Border Guard.

LETA has already reported that the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) organized GRECO experts in Latvia from 11 to 15 December. The purpose of the visit was to assess the progress made in preventing corruption and promoting professional integrity among government and law enforcement agencies.

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