Latvian radio together with Blood Donor Center invites to participate in the donors' movement / Article / LSM.LV

Latvia Radio launches together with the National Blood Donor Center (VADC) a new social campaign to encourage blood donation and blood donations.

"The campaigns are constantly needed to keep the blood donation freezing," says Egita Pole, director of the National Blood Donor Center, in the Latvian radio program "How to live better".

"Blood can not prepare much for one day, it is necessary to be reminded regularly of the need to transfer blood," Pole said.

Information on the VADC website indicates that 0 and 0+ group donors are also particularly welcome. You can also see on the VADC website which blood blood is most needed. With this information Pole invites you to get acquainted before you donate blood.

Donor Inga Grenberga reveals that she was taken by mother for the first time. "In my youth I had blood transfusion myself." Mom told her that her father organized her colleagues to go to Riga and give blood.

I have stood on both sides, I know how it is necessary for myself. I see no reason not to do it for others, "says Grenberga.

She will donate blood twice a year.

It does not explain that blood is donated immediately and is not used by a particular person, but calls for situations where a beloved blood transfusion is needed, to show solidarity and to supplement the SADC shares.

Another does not reveal that the VADC wants to develop an application with which the donor, if he so wishes, sends a message that his donated blood has been used. The VADC works to attract young target groups among donors.

People can become donors from the age of 18 – 65, the blood can be transferred to women five times a year, men are six.

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