Local companies can work in the Gudron ponds of Inčukalns

Experimentally, the eradication of toxic waste ponds in the Incukalns County has been going on since the mid-nineties, but, as experts acknowledge, it is only at this moment that it really begins to feel that the Soviet heritage can actually be redeemed. At the moment the work is underway, even before the target date, and environmentalists emphasize that more than all previous years has been done.

Looking at the work of the work The journalists are not invited for the first time on the territory of the sulfur-containing beds of Incukalns, and for the first time residents and representatives of the media do not hear the promises of green in the place of the poisoned area. However, as a general comment about skeptical opponents, environmentalists claim that they now seem to be real.

The presence of representatives of the poisonous mass processor – the company "Cemex" – would also be successful in providing information to journalists, indicating that the usual inability of companies to work on the implementation of major projects is being put aside put.

Aivars Nalivaiko, the president of the Incukalns County Council, also acknowledged the positive effect of this fact on Aivars Nalivaiko, chairman of the Incukalns County Council: "It is very pleasing that several local construction companies unite, offering them experience and benefits for the the development of local businesses by carrying out complex projects that are not everyday life, so that the people of the company acquire knowledge, attract specialists, local people are also interested in removing poisonous ponds, are active and always interested in how things are Representatives of the Environment Department have also been in town to tell the public about the progress of the project and now it seems that the current implementers have a clear vision of how they will lead to a successful conclusion. "

An important factor in the success of the work is the ability to provide the necessary funding for the project, and Kaspars Gerhards (VL-TB / LNNK), Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development, said the site's purification project within the deadlines should fit to cover 70-80% of the total costs from Europe Structural Funds.

As a success of the Latvian party, Mr Gerhard stressed that the European Commission allowed the project to be split into two rounds, so that funding from the previous period would not be financed by the Structural Funds: "It is precisely this opportunity to use the Structural Funds. to provide a real opportunity to save government funding and give you the basis to do the job. "

According to Gerhard, together with the first cleaning round of the area, carried out by SIA Skonto büve, the total cost of the project amounts to just over 50,000,000 euros. Speaking of technical progress, the representative of the general partnership "Inčukalns eko", member of the board of directors of JSC "BAO", Māris Kalniņš, told about the 1000 tons of neutralized blend, which Cemex can process, which are sent monthly from the territory of the sulfuric acid foundry pond of Incukalns.

He explained that the waste from the pond has been neutralized by mixing it with chips. In the Angarra, located in the area of ​​the ponds, this mixture is allowed to cool down, so that it can then be delivered to the Cemex factory. According to Lielkalns, the first 2000 tons of the mixture has already been released for incineration, while already 3000 tons of garbage has been exhausted from the southern pond.

Santa Kļava, head of Cemex Environmental Projects, pointed out that the neutralized mixture produced by the Inčukalns Eko of the General Partnership is used for the production of cement clinkers, and this process is not fast. In addition to the neutralized mass, gas and coal are added to the heating process, and so, although the remediation works of the pond will last until 2021, Cemex intends to burn the total amount of neutralized turbine to 2023, which is also the closing date for the project. is.

"It is important that our water does not burn water or ashes – everything stays in the vowel at high temperatures, it is safe for the public, the environment and does not affect the quality of our product. [..] We can burn 1000 tons per month, 10,000 tons per year. "We can no longer promise", said S. Kļava, adding that the company should also comply with the permissible emission limit values. To ensure that the pond is clean after filling, Cemex keeps its neutralized turbine from 2021 in are stores.

According to S. Kļava, this is a good project for Cemex because it receives funding for incinerated waste and the resulting heat is used in the further production process. Moreover, the company has a positive publicity and also takes its reputation in the context of complicated projects to combat environmental pollution.

Director-General of the State Military Service (INV) Inga Kolegova replied in response to the question of whether it was possible to carry out the treatment of the pond faster, that it was left to the work of the performing artists. "There are calculated flows, so somewhere, working faster, there would be no bottleneck elsewhere. [dīķu teritorijā] the works will be kept for three years, "said I. Kolegova.

Speaking of the northern part of the gutter pond, Kolegova noted that there is another situation – the rubble is buried with sand. From the part of the territory, pieces of waste are removed and the rest of the contaminated soil is washed, cleaned and put back to the ground. The rest of the gutron will be burned.

Asked how many people are used daily in the rehabilitation activities of the pond and if there is no risk of stopping work in the winter, Māris Kalniņš, representative of the "Inčukalns eko", "Rīgas Apriņķa Avīze", has shown that rehabilitation activities are averaged performed by 5-6 people with appropriate technical units, but the most important thing is to follow the pace that is needed and possibly be prepared for the burning of the last burner. If the work threatens to fall out, you may even be able to work in different services at night. At the moment, however, this option is only left as a reserve. Unlike work in the winter, unlike previous artists and the technology they use, this time no downtime is planned and the works continue in their usual mode. Exceptionally there may be severe frost that is harmful to the employees, but technically the company has ensured that the work is carried out in the winter, says M. Kalniņš.

It is intended that by the end of 2023 the total area of ​​the restored land will be 2.5 hectares. The total amount of eligible funding planned for the implementation of the specific support shall not exceed EUR 29 257 750, including the financing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of EUR 24 869 088 and the financing of the national budget to EUR 4 388 662. Of the total EUR 29.2 million, the general partnership is expected to pay 26.6 million euros for its work. The remaining 2.6 million euros is used to develop the project, and a number will be used to monitor the work of the limited liability company, the environmental monitoring of the site and other works.

After all pond changes in 2021, they are planned to be filled and covered with black earth, while a location monitoring will be carried out for another two years.

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