Military training ends in Naamjs 2018 / Diena

The training began on 20 August with the aim of investigating and improving the willingness of the NAF to develop national defense tasks independently and in a collective defense system.

More than 10,000 participants – the soldiers and guards of the Latvian and Allied forces, the reservists, the volunteer reserveists, the staff of the Ministry of Defense and the staff of the structures of the Ministry of the Interior – police officers and border guards participate in the training.

NAF Commander, Lieutenant General Leonid Kalnin on LTV Morning panorama previously pointed out that training so far Namejs 2018 have not revealed any major problems, the NAF have only reminded to continue developing weapons and infrastructure that are not directly related to the skills of soldiers.

Kalniņš said that the first lessons about the training are very good, all participants have shown their capacities, even the leader of the NAF is also very satisfied with the new haubics.

In the field of infrastructure, the most urgent problem for Latvia today is the completion of the development of warehouse systems, particularly in the units of the national guard.

Asked about the concerns of the television community about the presence of the NAF in the eastern border area of ​​Latvia, Kalnins emphasized that Latvia had considered a balanced deployment of the armed forces, for example, the NAF has a military base in Luznava, where there is of a permanent subdivision of the armed forces, in the Latgale region there are five national guard battalions there will also be a new haubic battery, so it can not be said that the army would only be centralized in Ādaži.

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