Military training will create the protection of state and local government institutions

On Thursday 23 August, from 10:00 to 16:00, one of the active phases of the military training "Namejs 2018" in Liepaja will be held for the cooperation of the National Forces with the municipality of Liepaja and the state and local government structures in Liepaja to strengthen cooperation in crisis situations.

"The task of the study is to test the capacities of the national guard and guard authorities in a crisis situation in order to continue to guarantee the functioning of the state and local government institutions if an emergency situation in the country has arisen by the external threats to the country, "said Colonel Andris Rieksts, commander of the national guard's fourth territorial brigade.

The training takes place in the municipal council of Liepāja and its surroundings, near the port of Liepāja, near Roņu Street 2, near the 84th Pieštene, as well as near Atmodas Boulevard 9.

18 Liepāja city institutions and organizations will participate in the training, which will be led by the Civil Protection Commission, which consists of representatives of the municipal council of Liepaja, the firefighting and rescue service of the state, the state and municipal police, the state border guard Ventspils department of Kurzemes Service, the special economic zone Liepaja, the state tax authorities, Sandra Brāle, Senior Specialist, Persofficier of the Department of Military Public Relations of the Ministry of Defense, told the portal.

More than 1,000 soldiers, guards and soldiers from allied countries will participate in the training of the 4th National Guard Division in the National Guard.

The portal has already announced that from 20 August to 2 September the largest military training "Namejs 2018" so far in Latvia will be held to test and improve the readiness of the national armed forces to continue with the fulfillment of the tasks of state defense as an independent within the framework of the collective defense system.

The training is attended by more than 10,000 participants – Latvian and Allied troops and guards, reservists, volunteerists, members of the Ministry of Defense and personnel from the Ministry of the Interior – Police and Border Guards.

The "Naamjs 2018" training is planned throughout the Kurzeme region, from the coast to Venta, to strengthen the protection capacity of the 4th Kargentry division of the national guard and to ensure cooperation with other state institutions. The training locations and activities have previously been agreed with the municipality-controlled and landowners whose property is intended to be used to ensure the execution of research tasks.

The active phase of the training takes place not only in Ādaži landfills, but also in Skrunda, Forest Mackeviča, Lachusila and other regional landfills, as well as in at least 36 other regions of Latvia, including Grobina, Kuldiga, Nica, Priekule, Saldus, Skrunda, Vaiņode and Liepāja.

It is recognized that the inhabitants of Liepaja will feel the greater part of studying in our area. The National Armed Forces recall: "With the continuation of intensive military exercises and training periods, not only in Latvia, but also in other Baltic states, military equipment of both Latvian and Allied forces passes along Latvian roads, while military planes and helicopters fly into the air space. "

The armed forces apologize for the inconvenience and ask for a good understanding of the possible transient obstacles to traffic that can arise from the increased relocation of military vehicles by road.

The armed forces invite the inhabitants to understand the traffic of soldiers and military equipment and not to obstruct them. Columns for military equipment are accompanied by the military police, the state police or the coordination center for movement. The armed forces are encouraging drivers to adhere to the traffic rules and not to interfere with the movement of the columns, such as trying to overtake while the military-technical column is approaching.

The armed forces stress that in Russian airspace military flight flights only take place at the altitude and speed specified in legal enactments, so that the generated noise is temporary and does not damage people and property.

Citizens are encouraged not to worry, given the movement of soldiers and guards outside the military landfills and the deployment of units, the expansion of machines and other equipment and the assumption of positions in different places in Latvia.

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