Minimum wage educators up to 710 euros are likely to be increased this year

Educators say that the minimum wage of € 680 to € 710 this year is likely to be increased, according to the agency LETA, which is said by the Minister of Education and Science, Kārlis Šadurskis (V).

The minister said that this week he had had an informal meeting with Prime Minister Maris Kuczins (ZZS) and Minister of Finance Dan Reiznieci-Ozolu (ZZS). During the meeting, when the latest data on economic growth were assessed, it was concluded that the minimum wage for educators up to 710 euros this year could be increased, thus achieving the schedule of the salary increase of teachers.

An official meeting will take place next week between these officials and the Latvian Education and Science Workers Union (LIZDA).

Shadursky explained that, for this year, the necessary funds for raising wages will in principle be found in the budget for contingencies, while the amount needed for the coming year should be included in the general budget.

Answering the question whether the Minister had to meet informally with Mr. Kuczynski and Mr. Reiznieci-Ozolu, the minister replied in the negative, but indicated that there was a demand and Shadursky supported it. He was subjected to stricter quality requirements from the prime minister, but Shadursky has not yet discovered exactly what the requirements are.

"The Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance were the most important proposition, and I fully agree that we can not give the same money, because it is both the organization of the school network and the willingness of local authorities to do something to slow down. "said the politician.

Since the official talks are planned for the week and the new school year starts next week, it is unrealistic to decide to raise the minimum wage rate in the government on 1 September, estimates Shadursky. Against this background, as well as the agreement on raising the minimum wage for educators, pedagogues could receive a salary under the current schemes in September, but a recalculation would take place in October, a premium.

The minister also pointed out that if the minimum wage for teachers was to be increased this year, and would thus fulfill the schedule for increasing teacher salaries, the implementation of the scheme would be possible within the limits of the previously agreed deadlines, provided that the necessary financial resources are available. The minister added that increasing the salaries of teachers is closely linked to the future organization of the school network.

Today, in an interview with the Latvian radio 4, Shadursky said that by raising the minimum wage with the rate, the number of working hours will not be increased. At the same time, the politician acknowledged that the awareness of the fact that it is now possible to increase the salary of teachers has yielded the latest data on economic growth, which can differ considerably from previously available data, which did not allow for full confidence speak of a real opportunity to increase the salaries of teachers.

As mentioned, LIZDA announced earlier this month that the coalition parties would call for a new negotiation on the implementation of the law on education, but without debate, without result, will organize a picket on 18 September. As the journalists told trade union president Inga Vanaga after the meeting of the LIZDA council, the union wants to talk with the coalition parties before the protest action to find solutions for completing the reward scheme for teachers, bringing the minimum wage to 710 euros.

Shadurskis has previously promised that the ministry led by him in the conversations about the reward of teachers would join the LIZDA.

Prime Minister Kuchinsky said this week in an interview to the LNT program & # 39; 900 Seconds & # 39; that during the talks with LIZDA he would again emphasize that the wage increase scheme will be implemented, but the LIZDA will also be called for understanding, because more wages are needed and the pickets not only promise teachers.

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