More students of the basic class in Jurmala this year; the municipality offers various support for education

This year 425 first-year students begin the school in the educational institutions of Jurmala city – 30 students more than last year. All families declared themselves in Jurmala, where the child starts training in class 1 in the municipality of Jurmala City, and receives a 50 euro allowance.

The Jurmala City Municipality offers various types of benefits that help families prepare for the new school year, including family benefits, for which the child first enters class 1, benefits for school supplies, visits to cultural, sporting and educational activities, paid meals for all kindergartens and schools pupils up to grade 12 and free riding on city buses, informs Elita Cepurite, Deputy Head of Public Relations Department of Jurmala City Council.

Many families can receive a municipal allowance for the purchase of school supplies. The allowance is awarded in accordance with costs up to EUR 50 per calendar year for each child. Large families can also receive benefits for attending cultural, sporting and educational events. The allowance is awarded on the basis of actual expenses – up to € 20 per calendar year per family member.

According to the city council spokesperson, poor families and low-income families can receive a subsidy to support the acquisition of education. The allowance is awarded if the student starts or continues his education in the municipality of Jurmala City or acquires the compulsory pre-school education in the city of Jurmala. The reimbursement is for the purchase of clothing, school supplies, stationery and other training materials. The benefits to poor families and low-income families are awarded on the basis of actual spending of up to € 72 per pupil.

All school children and school children of the municipality of Jurmala, regardless of the indicated residence up to the 12th class, receive paid meals for the municipality. Regardless of the indicated place of residence, all pupils who study at educational establishments established by the municipality of Jurmala can travel for free to the city buses of Jurmala. From 4 September this year, a school bus will be offered for the convenience and safety of students in Jurmala, bringing students from distant districts, Ķemeri and Kauguri, to educational institutions in the city center, says E. Cepurīte.

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