More than 230 000 people have visited the Riga Festival – Culture and Entertainment Events – Culture +

Riga City Council Public Relations Department announced that the city festivals of Latvia's centenary in Riga were parks and squares, sports and cultural centers attended by both Rigans and people from other cities and regions of Latvia, as well as foreigners .

During the Riga City Festival it was reported that visitors could spend three days at one of the more than 40 locations of the festival and could participate in various, passionate events, sporting activities, to create visually magnificent and musically rich programs. to observe.

The Riga City Festival was organized by the City Council of Riga in collaboration with the Freeport of the Riga Authority and the foundation "Riga Tourism Development Bureau". They were organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Riga City Council, together with organizers of events – companies and public organizations.

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