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From 1 October 2008, the price of the 83 most expensive, reimbursable medicines will drop by 20%, while the two medicines will drop the list of medicines that are available at first sight. This was announced on Monday 17 September by the Ministry of Health (MoW).

Minister of Health Anda ČaksaIlya Kozin

The price will be lowered for medicines that do not fit into the "corridor" of the reimbursable medicines price introduced this year. It states that the maximum price for medicines with equivalent effectiveness is up to 100% higher than the price of cheaper medicines.

The list of medicines with a lower price is available on the website of the Ministry of Health.

The ministry estimates that the policy to reduce drug prices will save patients around 2.5 million euros a year, and about 250,000 patients will be affected by this price reduction.

In total, the list of medicines to be compensated is 116 medicines, the price of which exceeds this limit. The national health service is still waiting for information from manufacturers of medicines for 31 national antidote medicines, according to the VM.

"In this group, where there are these drugs, there are patients with chronic diseases, mostly cardiovascular disease, diabetes patients and kidney patients, so patients whose medication needs to be taken daily, not just in separate episodes," explains Minister of Health. Anda Čaksa (Green and Farmers & # 39; Union).


In the first half of August, the government approved an amendment to the state compensation order for medicines, which was aimed at reducing the price of the most expensive reimbursable medicines. The change is foreseen – if the price of an equivalent efficacy drug is more than 100% higher than the price of the reference or the cheapest medicine, this year and next year will be reduced by 20% annually. There would be no more expensive grass list.

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