MP Kļaviņš has the Saeima fuel for the company car •

Corruption Prevention and Countering Office (KNAB) suspects that Askolds Kļaviņš (ZZS), a Saeima representative, has used fuel restitutions for members to fill the car of his car, the Latvian television program "De facto" reported on Sunday.

KNAB's research into the actions of Mr. Kļaviņa with the fuel paid by the Saeima began after the deputy had changed the indicated residence from Riga to Liepaja. As a result, it could be reimbursed 5-6 times more for spent fuel. Within a year and a half, Kļaviņš received almost € 13,000 in fuel revenues from the Saeima budget.

Kļaviņš has opened a store for sports and tourist goods "Gandrs" in the house bought in Liepaja. The manifesto of the Manifesto does not indicate that a member must have a car. However, he assured the Saeima that he was given a car for use without payment. After "De facto" calculations on fuel expenditure by a deputy, he traveled many days in April from Liepaja to Riga, with a maximum reimbursement of 733 euros.

KNAB suspects that Kļaviņš has thrown fuel for its own company "Gandrs" and that Saeima's fuel was actually used by the company. Kļaviņš "De facto" admitted: "I have certainly fulfilled [degvielu] in your company car. "

KNAB chief Jacob Straume confirmed that a person is suspected of criminal misconduct due to abuse of office. The Saeima suffered "considerable damage", which according to the law means that there is a budget loss of more than 4,300 euros.

The broadcast also indicates that in the past few months there have been a few cases in which it is suspected that information about the research may have come to the attention of individuals interested in KNAB, including Mr Kļaviņa, at an early stage. The deputy himself acknowledged that he had received a warning of imminent problems before fuel compensation. However, the head of the KNAB and the office overseers are of the opinion that the event may not have prevented the investigation, and therefore it is not particularly worrying to leak.

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