MP Kļaviņš Lies Saeima Pay fuel on company machine / day

According to Klavin, KNAB employees came to the Saeima shortly before the Midsummer. The deputy himself admitted that the researchers were interested in his statement in Liepaja shortly after he became a substitute for the Saeima. This gave Klavin five or six times more compensation for spent fuel.

Within a year and a half, Kļaviņš received a fuel compensation of almost 13,000 euros from the Saeima budget.

A member of the bicycle, Mr. Klavins, claims to have driven to Liepaja. "If I do not break through the whole process of this process and do not take my house away in Liepaja, I will drive to Liepaja," Kļaviņš said.

I bought a wooden house in Liepaja, Klavins 10 years ago, bought from the Liepaja mayor Ulda Seska for almost half a million euros. The building is now equipped with a sports and tourist store in the hands of Klavin Gandrs . Kļaviņš announced the opening of the store shortly after its declaration in Liepaja

The official's statement from the office in Klavina does not indicate that a member would have a car. He assured the Saeima, however, that he had been given a car for use without compensation

de facto invented how much Klavinas had to cross so much petrol. For example, in April of this year Kļaviņš exceeded the maximum amount of compensation that he owes – 733 euros. Assuming he has a non-comprehensive, economical car that eats 8 liters per 100 kilometers, he comes to Liepaja in April in April and he travels almost every working day in April.

If a car is more economical then the deputy has gone further

However, the hunters of corruption suspect that Kļaviņš has thrown fuel for his own company Gandrs The car and the Saeima fuel were actually used by the company.

Shortly after shaking Kļaviņš did not want to make a statement about suspicion. On the question de facto if he threw fuel on machines Gandra he replied that he had signed the KNAB for not releasing information.

Now Klavin admitted: "They are not suspicious, but I am unequivocally ready [degvielu] in his company car." But nothing more he de facto did not say .

KNAB did not say much. Office boss Jēkabs Straume only confirmed that one person is suspected of having abused criminal records in criminal proceedings.

The Saeima suffered "considerable damage", which according to the law means that there is a budget loss of more than 4,300 euros.

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