Next year, the budget is not intended to preserve the sacramental heritage

Liepāja Sv. Trinity Cathedral Church picture.Liepāja Sv. Trinity Cathedral Church picture.

Liepaja Holy Trinity Ev. In the framework of the sacred heritage conservation program of the Lutheran church this year, 109,000 euros were allocated.

The budget for the following year does not offer any money for the continuation of the sacred heritage program, which raises concerns about whether it will be possible to complete construction work in many churches, TV Kurzeme reports.

On 1 January the law on the financing of offensive heritage came into force, which was instituted to provide financial support from the state for the preservation of churches, monasteries and other cranes. This year it has a million euros, which is three times less than what was requested, so that only 28 of the more than 50 submitted projects were eligible.

Three holy churches in Liepaja received 237,000 euros, 58,000 for the St. Joseph Catholic Cathedral, 109,000 for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity in Liepaja and 70,000 for the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Liegaja Holy Trinity.

Baiba Mnrniece, head of the heritage policy heritage policy, said it is already known – there will not be such opportunities next year, and then half a million euros will be available in 2020.

I got the support of the buildings in the most critical condition. The National Cultural Heritage Board has stated that the state of the churches has improved considerably over the past 20 years, but much remains to be done. The list of cultural monuments protected by the state includes 357 churches, including 13 monasteries.

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