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Over the course of their lives, drug use has surpassed 59.4% of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control during last year's study "Use and trends in drug use in Latvia", which is 10 percentage points more than in 2016.

The study concludes that men are more than a woman for the rest of their lives, an overdose is lower in women in the last year. In the past year, 12.2% of drug users have taken an overdose, which is one percentage point more than a year earlier.

The prevalence of an overdose is higher in the past year among younger drug users, although the prevalence decreases as age increases, probably as a result of more stable patterns of use among older users.

According to the authors of the study, the prevalence of overdoses last year was higher in the Latvians, in contrast to last year's study, when it was higher among non-Latvians. The conclusion about the place of residence, however, remains the same: the prevalence of overdoses last year is higher among the group of drug users in Riga.

At the same time, drug users were also asked for help during an overdose study. The most helpful help from friends. This answer was chosen by 51.2% of the respondents with an overdose experience.

Family members helped in only 4% of cases, but doctors provided 36.6% of the overdoses.

The question of whether a drug user was present when another person used an overdose of drugs answered 73.4% in the affirmative, which is slightly higher than in the previous year.

During the study of the past year 542 drug users participated, of which 17 in the rest of the study. In addition to the quantitative study, two semi-structured focal group discussions with drug users also took place.

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