Obtaining the driving license will be easier later; teachers must be recognizable – in Latvia

In the future, the process of obtaining driving licenses for tractors will be facilitated, while the theoretical and management examination quality will be improved, the rules of the Government on "Procedures for the acquisition and renewal of a license for tractors and for the issue, exchange, renewal and destruction of a tractor license ", which was approved by the government on Tuesday, will be simplified.

The rules provide for examinations for tractor equipment, provided that driving skills are obtained through self-study and to exempt applicants who already have a driving license for another category of tractor, a C1 or C land vehicle license for conducting traffic surveys . To improve and improve the quality of exams, you must pass a theoretical exam on operational safety issues for all categories, and a new test must be included in the driving test – going to the trailer or the bank.

The right of the head of a tractor engineer after examinations can be obtained by a person who has completed a theoretical and practical training at an educational institution that has received a training card from the national technical inspection body or that has theoretical knowledge and practical experience with the relevant category has gained in self-study.

In the future, the person will have the opportunity to learn the theoretical knowledge and skills of driving a tractor, or learn from a trader or an educational institution that has previously received a tractor training card.

The exam for road traffic regulations must be issued to obtain a driving license for the first category of tractor engines (it is not necessary to repeat the examination of the road traffic regulations if the applicant has one of the tractor license categories). The Ministry of Agriculture indicates that there is no reason to repeat the same exam repeatedly, because the traffic rules exam is the same and will be for all categories. If a person has the right to drive C1 or C vehicles, he is exempt from conducting traffic surveys.

The theoretical exam is electronically sorted in the form of a test. The theoretical exam consists of two parts: road traffic legislation and problems with the safety of tractor machines.

The regulations contain a new provision on the procedure for issuing, renewing and exchanging a driving license for a tractor. In order to teach the candidate to drive a car, he must be accompanied by a driving license in accordance with the law on road traffic. Up to now, such a license has not been issued because the normative law did not provide for this. In order to be able to carry out study trips with tractor machines in accordance with the Act on Road Traffic and Road Traffic, the Regulations stipulate that the Technical Supervision Agency will issue, renew and exchange licenses for tractors for tractors.

In mastering the tractor management skills, the tractor must be equipped with a "Learning Vehicle" badge, but the trainer must have a tractor in the passenger seat, the government decided on Tuesday.

The amendments to the approved traffic regulations aim to improve the application of the driving characteristics of students during practical training and to master the skills of machine fleet management.

Requirements for road traffic require the use of the identification mark & ​​# 39; Learning vehicle & # 39 ;, which guides study trips on the road. The regulations for road traffic routes, however, do not impose such requirements for tractor engines that undergo study trips in road traffic. Consequently, the situation arises that the tractor in which the study trip is carried out is not or partially equipped with the identification mark "Learning Vehicle".

In order to ensure a common understanding of regulation and to improve road safety, the approved rules for tractors training should be marked with the relevant identification mark to ensure that environmental managers are aware that tractors are controlled by a person drives.

Traffic regulations require a trained person to be trained and, where applicable, a trainer for study trips in a car or bus. Tractor technicians do not apply these standards and it is not clear where the trainer's training should be.

In order to promote a uniform understanding of regulatory requirements and ensure sufficient road safety, the rules provide similar machines to those for tractors, such as cars and buses, in relation to the locations of trainers during study visits. . During the study trip, the trainer must sit in a tractor technician and sit on the passenger seat. Study trips on the road may only be carried out with a tractor machine for which the manufacturer has provided a passenger seat.

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