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Today the event & # 39; Prayer by the Sea & # 39 ;, organized by the Environmental Club, is celebrated today, with about 300 thousand people taking part in the thirtieth anniversary. During the symbolic meeting, the Environmental Protection Club is now also calling for the central event on Vakarbulla Beach and everywhere else on the coast of the Latvian Sea to pray for the health of the Baltic Sea.

On the 30th anniversary of the "Prayer on the Sea", environmental protection is a matter of moralityMāra Rozenberga / LR

The participants of the campaign go unconventionally to Bolderāja – by train, which does not transport passengers on this day. But the performance of the musicians and artists "Water Memory" takes place on the coast, Diāna Ulme, representative of the Environmental Protection Club, says:

"When in 1988 a film about the leader of the non-violent resistance movement Mahatma Gandhi, leader of India, was watched, the idea came from shutting down to the sea and asking the gods about the health and purity of the sea, about the purity of people's souls and the courage to fight for free Latvia For me and the Environmental Protection Club it started a revival and non-violent resistance against the Soviet regime And, strange though, that prayer was at that moment (…) On this occasion I would like to say: since our sea is very rough, it seems to us that globalization has become a new awakening, and it can only be stopped by understanding that environmental protection is a matter of morality Change your habits, your lifestyle, our egoism and greed, all of this has its own reason, and it is very difficult to do because the enemy is not visible Once our opponent was seen, but this time we are ourselves an opponent who loves consolation who does not want to change anything in his life … "

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