On the eve of the school year, more than 350 employees are missing in Riga schools – in Latvia – News

The lack of technical staff, for example a caretaker, is difficult to find and it is difficult to find teachers in the field of science and natural sciences, as well as foreign languages. A lot of free space at kindergartens.

Drivers are punished by the State Service for Education Quality, which monitors and supervises the learning process, administrators are punished if the school does not provide compulsory subjects for a long time, but school leaders indicate that there is simply no candidate.

In the Ministry of Education and Science, the salaries of teachers have been increased in recent years to make the teaching profession more attractive. Specialists are trained in a sufficient number of graduates from 1,000 pedagogical programs, 230, specializing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. But about half of the schools do not work.

The Latvian Education and Science Workers' Association (LIZDA) points out that not only in Riga, but also in other large cities, there is no interest in vacancies in schools. The problem lies not only in the reward, but also in the prestige, stability and well-being of trainers in the industry.

Wages – 680 EUR per month – are small and foreign languages, teachers in computer science often find jobs in the private sector.

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