On the stove, the flames of the whole family are rinsed on the stove


A short-circuited washing machine in the Kocenu parish, Jaundersavers, was caused by a violent fire. Flames not only spoiled the whole family, but also lost the lives of parrots, said the LNT program "Focus".

An accident around noon The house of 15.O. seamlessly surrounds his garden and the flowers that grow there, until the daughter of her 14-year-old neighbor came into her garden. The shocked girl cried and screamed until it was finally able to explain what really happened.

The family house was already on fire.

The parents of the girls had in turn accompanied a dog to take a walk. Mother, who had received a phone call from her excited neighbor, initially did not believe what was happening.

Eyewitnesses of the accident say that the firefighters have gone hard. Very soon there is water flowing, but there is no pond or river in the area, therefore only water filled with tanks must be adjusted.

The fire was caused by an electrical short circuit. The family is aware that no one has ever been blamed for the explosion of the washing machine.

The lost parrots are buried in the garden. The cat walked out of the house independently and at that moment felt the danger. In the fire almost everything went to Petushkov family property. Each of us can help the family go back to the phone by calling 90067088. One call costs 1.42 euros, but the donation is very important for the family.

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