Opening ceremony – "I thought I'm ugly"

Riga TV24 journalist Lelde Cerina, in an interview with the magazine "Ieva", reveals that everything in her life has been achieved by her own powers.

In fact, I have struggled very hard to become what I am. In my life I have had to fight for absolutely everything, nothing is set for the same, a gift. (..) I have achieved everything I have with work, invested energy, knowledge.

Lelde tells us that the idea of ​​the people that she has conquered her place on television is beauty is wrong.

"In fact, I have had a lot of trouble becoming what I am, I had to fight for everything in a life, nothing was put forward in the same way, a gift … All I have, I have achieved with work, the invested energy, knowledge ", says Lelde.

Speaking of her appearance, Cerina reveals that she was considered ugly for years. She had many complexes about her appearance. The biggest was the difference between the front teeth, the legacy of the father. Lelde also had glasses and received a lot of criticism and resentment, both for differences and for glasses.

"I remember when I repaired my teeth and came to live in Riga, one of my friends told me:" Leeled, you've become a swan of the ugly fellow. "

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