Owners of the Marijas street tombs must submit a construction project for the house to be arranged

The Riga City Council (RD), Environmental Degradation Construction Commission, is awaiting a construction project for owners of the tomb of Marijas Street until 10 September, which will determine the future future of the house.

Committee Director Oleg Burov (GKR) announced that the committee will hear what the owners intend to do with the house on 21 September. If the construction project is not completed, RD owners will apply a fine of 10,000 euros.

It was said that on April 25 of this year the RD gave three works to the owners of the grave. Firstly every two months to monitor the construction of external walls. Second, conduct a technical inspection twice a year of the façade and the roof of the house until the construction work begins. Third, the technical inspection is updated once a year.

If the co-owners do not do these jobs, the municipality will punish them every week, carry out the work themselves and then get the money back.

Boris Maizenbergs, head of the RD Construction Management Department, said during a meeting on 24 August that the owners had fulfilled their duties. There are no significant changes in the technical condition of the building yet.

A few weeks after the promotion of Burova, the RD Vidi Degrading Construction Committee gave the villagers four months to sign a contract for the construction project.

After the building project contract has been concluded, the owners must submit a construction project in a minimal form to the Riga City construction project within six months. But within a year and a half after concluding the contract for the development of a construction project, you must obtain a building permit. The building must be put into use no later than two years after receipt of the building permit.

The building is owned by two owners – the Estonian citizen Tomass Tolam and Yevgeny Petrov, who acquired ownership rights to Ludmila Bauman at the end of the year. In April they had a tendency to implement a version that was meant to demolish the house.

In January, according to the instructions of one owner, the construction engineer of SIA "CMB" was questioned.

Experts have come to the conclusion that the base of the building has started to sink and is no longer sufficiently robust, but that the grain is not immediately damaged. "The building has been in a sad state for decades, so we have not looked at the miracles and after the survey the picture is completely clear." "The ground under the building has changed, the bearing capacity has deteriorated and the bearing capacity of the building is insufficient for exploitation." The building had many cracks, "in April Artis Dzirkalis, chairman of the company's board of directors, commented at the meeting.

The territory of Marijas Street is 1432 square meters wide, with a five-storey residential building with basement. Owners must pay an increased property fee because the committee classifies the building as a building that is classified as category B environment.

The Commission has repeatedly asked the owners to preserve and preserve historically important parts of buildings, but in August last year the Riga City Council enforced ownership, as decorative elements began to fall from the building's façade. Curing costs around 20 thousand euros.

The house on Marijas street 6 was built in 1904, following the project of architect Konstantīns Pēkšēns. It is recognized as an architectural monument of local significance and is located in the historic center of Riga.

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