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Partly milled gravel on Peitavas Street 7, in the old Riga, was informed by the representative of the municipal service of the city council of Riga, Baiba Gailīte. Several bricks have been removed from the wall of the building and at present there is no reinforcing structure on the wall. Representatives of the Property Department of the Riga City Council believe that the situation is dangerous and that the building can collapse at any time.

Shortly after establishing the landslide, Oleg Burov, head of the committee on ecologically distinctive buildings, convened an operational meeting to decide what to do. Because the building is a cultural monument of national significance, the National Cultural Heritage Board and the Construction Board of Riga also attended the meeting.

"We are preparing for Wednesday, the decision of the city council, the decision of the extraordinary council on the mandatory regulation, which we want to immediately take immediately, so that nobody goes, does not drive and starts dismantling dangerous structures," stressed Burov.

The part of the building can be demolished by the municipality itself. "The amount of decommissioning will be visible when we start decommissioning, this is a manual job, you can not drive it there and then the rest of the parts have to be strengthened, if the owner does not do it himself in the coming days, then it must be done to the Riga municipality and then be recovered from the owner's money, "explains Burovs.

From 2015, the owner of the building is a legal entity – SIA Peitavas 7. As the department has indicated, it is a Belgian citizen and has not yet been able to contact her. The department also reveals that the owner of the grave has done nothing in the past three years to improve the condition of a dangerous building. People are advised not to visit the courtyard of this house and not to go there by car.

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