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Jaunjelgava begins the new tradition – the Daugava Swimming Festival. Twenty-eight participants flocked to the first event from Jaunjelgava to Klidina.

The opposite coastal areas of Skrīveri and Jaunjelgava share Daugava, which is only 400 meters wide at its narrowest. It is usually crossed by boats or landlords, but the strongest men and women in the immediate and distant neighboring countries have decided to do so.

"I really enjoy the Daugava dive Now everyone is afraid of the same big ones, but here it is safe, 900 meters and we swam with our daughters there", said the participant of the festival from Kegums municipality Māra Lapa [19659004] "I have been swimming champions many times, but it was a very long time.

I still think of swimming, do not swim here, but the atmosphere that dominated here immediately created their thoughts – no, if you came … "

Aigars Strauss from Riga declared his motives to participate in the event

The first Daugava bathing festival in Jaunjelgava was a task of Jaunjelgava the river to swim. In turn, a start is made at Klymzins, which is also recorded by a stopwatch. After decades of waves falling apart, Jānis Ozoliņš of the Latvian triathlon federation, who, as he admits himself, feels like fish in the water everywhere in the water, he came to the other side at 4.33 minutes. said the sportsman.

The idea of ​​the Daugava swimming festival came from Janis Zarins, from time to time he noticed a lonely swimmer in the Daugava. After a dive it is clear that the festival can not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but also attract tourists to the city.

"It is thought that it would take a year from here." The second year of Skriveris, because we are a bridge between this place and

we try to revive this place with different events ", said the author of the idea of ​​the festival Zariņš

On this page of the history, the fact of similar events in the Jaunjelgava-Skriveri phase can not be found.

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