Party assessments in September: "Harmony" is still the first, third place in the APR

The real battle for joining the 13th Saeima is between eight lists. The first two consist of the Harmony Party and the Union of Greens and Farmers (ZZS), while the New Conservative Party (JKP) is in third place. Such an image is shown by the younger sociological data from the research center "Norstat", which has brought TV3 News to the attention.

According to a survey by telephone interview method "Concord", 14.9% of the respondents were ready to vote in early September, but 9.6% were ready to vote in ZZS. Thirdly, for KPV LV, there is the APR, which is ready to score 6.9%.

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The KP VLV could vote 6.6%, which is less than in August when the party support reached 9%. The National Association (NA) supports 5.7%, meanwhile the Association for Development / Par – 4.5%.

The new Unity Rating has reached 3.3%, while the Latvian Russian Union has 1.8%. For other political forces the rating is below the percentage.

The survey also confirms that less than a month before the elections there is still a lot of uncertainty – 37.6%. On the other hand, they decided not to participate in the elections with 5.4%.

Party assessments in September according to Norstat data:

"Harmony" – 14.9%
ZZS – 9.0%
APR – 6.9%
KPV LV 6.6%
NA – 5.7%
A / About 4.5%
"The New Unity" – 3.3%
LKS – 1.8%
LRA – 0.9%
Progressive – 0.9%
Do not know what votes – 37.6%
Will not go – 5.4%

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