People are desperate – the homeless are surrounded by Kengarags

The people of Kengaraga are desperately looking for people who have recently met in the Riga region – homeless people have inhabited the area of ​​the Kengaragamarkt, says the creature without Taboo.

Homeless people use alcohol, bewilderment, sleeping in lawns and stairs without distinction and take natural needs into account. The new family is particularly angry about what is going on.

A resident says that homeless homeless people often have trouble coming up the stairs with a trolley. A woman tried to explain a man without a definitive residence, who then promised to "bark her head".

"You can see everything! The women are blown up, they leave here, they also leave the resistance behind, I do not understand why my and other children deserve it?" Says a woman.

One of the homeless journalists has even claimed money for a cologne.

The brothers in the bottle do not see anything wrong with themselves and believe they can live with the rest of the Kengaraga residents.

In addition, there is a store nearby that sells cologne for 80 cents, as well as a soup kitchen that is very handy for homeless people. The soup kitchen tells you that they do not eat the lame, but they also use the room to harvest, but also in the shop where the cologne sells, do not know how to deal with the problem – maybe someone buys it to drink but the other to shave. The shop owner denies that the cologne will be deliberately traded, knowing that there is a good clientele here.

Another homeless "Bez Tabu" tells the team that drugs are being used in Kengarags.

The police are also powerless in combating the problem, because fines for example do not work.

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