Photo: a new fall season for the TV opens with a fun party

On Wednesday, August 22, the "Double 9" media group "All Media Baltics" opened the new autumn season on its TV channel with a fun party, where viewers promise many clear, exploratory and entertaining projects.

In the different rooms of the Coptelpas office, the main thematic blocks with television projects were translated, which were discussed with program managers and participants, cooperation partners and other guests.

In the space devoted to the Latvian theme, it was possible, for example, to test the forces in the famous "Lauku fēta" bean sorting. In her "Better Than Better" room, each lady could use various party accessories, and it appeared in the image of the heroic Martha's series, which just celebrated the wedding with her beloved Mary. But the new culinary skill show "Dinner at Four" was honored with a particularly attractive recruiting masterclass.

In a space dedicated to the sport theme, a number of domestic sports stars – Latvian women's basketball captain Guntu Baško, the secretary general of the Latvian basketball union Edgars Šnepu, basketball captain Jānis Blūms, Riga & # 39; s "Dinamo" players Oskars Batņu and Emīls Geģeri, the president of the Latvian football federation Kaspars Gorkšs and three Latvian football team favorites – Kaspars Ikstens, Kaspars Dubra and Glebe Klushkin and other athletes.

"This new season is always a new start, and this fall season is also characterized by a new quality in which we are approaching our audience. The Grandiose home shows, exciting local and world famous shows, lively news and analytical shows are now being viewed in the new HD – or High Definition quality.

It is a particular pleasure that TV3 celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year as the favorite entertainment channel of the Latvian public. The experienced news and analytic programmer LNT will in turn be the most important television channels of the 13th Saeima election campaign. We can promise – the new autumn season will be rich both visually and in terms of content, "said Baiba Zuzena, manager of All Media Baltics in Latvia," with an emphasis on the autumn season.

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