Photo: Promises come together in the presentation of the book by Solvita Āboltiņa

On Tuesday, August 22, in the afternoon, a book by "Soldier" from Solvita Āboltiņa, a politician, the future ambassador from Latvia to Italy, was presented in the foyer of the Dailes theater. Many of the former and current politicians, as well as other people in the community, came together to greet him during this special occasion.

Among the guests of the opening event of the book were well-known persons such as director Janis Streičs, former president Andris Berzins, chairman of the central electoral commission Arnis Cimdars, archbishop Janis Vanags, a large crowd of politicians and many other important people.

It has already been said that the authors of the book Juris Lorents, Egils Zirnis, Maris Zanders, Anete Konste and Ivars Ījabs, editor – Arvis Kolmanis. Each author has written about one stage in Aboltina's career.

The text of the chapter is based on the interview of each author with Aboltina. The location of the book also reflects the opinion of third parties about Solvita Āboltiņa as a personality or individual events. The book is not the memoir of Aboltin, but a rebound for 18 years in politics.

The book also contains photos from different periods of Aboltina's life, as well as a self-written final, in which she lists the question why this book was needed.

"When I decided to agree with journalists to make a book an important milestone in my life, I understood perfectly that it would not be a politician's memoir, or an unsuspecting assessment of what I did as Minister, party leader or parliamentary chairman, a look at the events that are already part of the history of Latvia.

In this book, the authors ask questions that were more relevant to them at that moment. I could not influence the conversation process, but I was reasonably telling what I had experienced, understood and felt. I would have been interested in other things myself, but they should probably be responsible for others. They say how many people have different opinions. The objective image is formed in a common context of different opinions. I hope that this book will help to understand the history of Latvian political processes in greater detail and more precisely, to see what has been left in the shadows due to loud slogans and bloated scandals, "Aboltina said before the presentation of the book to the media.

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