Photo: With a big house party, "All Media Baltics" presents the new TV season

On Wednesday, August 22, a special party was held on Wednesday for the TV channel & # 39; All Media Baltics & # 39; of the media group, which unveiled the new autumn program, the most popular TV shows and other program news. The event was also attended by celebrities who enjoyed participating in TV shows.

At the inviting & # 39; Double 9 & # 39; office, guests were welcomed to visit various locations where they could revive the main thematic blocks with various television projects together with program managers and participants, partners and other guests.

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Visitors could play table football as well as throw a basketball ball in a basket and receive prizes from actors Mara Bezmera and Kristiana Kareïina. The gym was especially popular with singer Ralph Eiland, who tried all sports games and succeeded. The work of each singer was accompanied by applause and ovation.

In the room dedicated to the Latvian theme, it was possible to test the forces in the famous "Lauku fēta" bean sorting, "They lie better", in the room, along with the best wedding media Brīvāmā, every lady could have different holidays -accessories, which added the image of the heroic Martha, that just celebrated the wedding with beloved Mary For the ladies, the singer, makeup artist Sabine Berezina made her enjoyment even more, who painted it, adapted her make-up to every woman who wanted it.

The new show "Dinner at Four" was honored with a specially crafted crocheted masterclass in which you could learn to cook and test your skills.

Among the guests were singer Adriana Miglane, singer Ralph Island, TV personality Agnese Vārpiņa and Evelīna Strazdiņa, basketball player Gunta Bashko, basketball player Jānis Blūms, Edgars Šneps, secretary general of the Latvian Basketball Union, fitness fitness Badus Lī of world class, actors Lelde Dreimane, Maris Bezmers and Kristians Karelische, journalist and society lady Liene Skulme, singer Sabine Berezina, group "Tautumeitas" and many others.

The visitors of the party were happy to find out that this autumn program will not take place without the popular program "Without Taboo", the evening of romance will be crowned by the series "She is lying better", the connoisseurs will enjoy the evening meal "Dinner in four", jokes and challenges will be presented on the television screens "Laucinieces against the townspeople", do not miss the legendary "Lauku fēta", educational program "Discover Latvia", show "I Love You, Latvia" and it is just a small dose of everything we've watched on TV since September.

After the party is clear All Latvian TV channels from the Baltic states will be able to amuse everyone in the bright autumn evenings! Warm tea, a soft pile and a TV remote control – all this characterizes your rainy autumn evenings!

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