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This year, tractor technicians steal less than last year, but more often steal GPS equipment from tractor machines, inform the state police and encourage farmers to be cautious and think about safe storage of their equipment.

In the first six months of this year, eight cases of tractor machine theft in Latvia were detected, almost half of which was lower than in the same period last year. In the first six months of 2017, 14 theft of tractor machines were registered.

Despite the drop in the number of truck thefts, however, another trend was observed: the theft of GPS equipment from tractor machines. During the first eight months of this year there were 16 cases of theft of GPS equipment – 11 cases of thefts in Zemgale, Kurzeme three, Vidzeme two and Latgale no cases of thefts. Meanwhile, in the same period last year, only one theft was registered.

In most cases, GPS equipment theft occurs day and night in the dark, giving you free access to valuable GPS equipment from unprotected agricultural areas. There are situations where farmers leave tractors with GPS equipment unattended in the field or in places where they are not well cared for, so that the work performed by the garnish is satisfactory.

The State Police adds that the damage caused by the theft is measured in several hundred thousand euros.

Given this trend – the increase in theft of GPS equipment – the State Police calls on farmers to take into account some safe storage techniques:

  • It is desirable to equip the tractor tractor with modern signaling;
  • After carrying out all work on the farm, GPS antennas and control units must be removed and stored in a closed, safe and well-protected area;
  • It is recommended to have GPS antennas equipped with search devices to make it easier for GPS devices to find theft;
  • If suspect persons or cars are considered in the vicinity of the company, it is necessary to report this to the State Police.

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