Pope's service in Aglona affected about 32,000 people / Article / LSM.LV

On September 24, 31.90.902 people from Latvia and abroad registered with the Pope Francis of St. Michael in Aglona, ​​he informed the information center of the Latvian Roman Catholic Church.

14,845 people registered on the website, while 17,577 in Catholic churches.

Most people have registered in the Rezekne-Aglona diocese – 16 697. There are 10 255 people registered in the archdiocese of Riga, 3 350 in the diocese of Jelgava and 681 in the diocese of Liepaja.

There are also 919 registered people from abroad. Most of them come from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Lithuania and other countries.

Pope Francis will visit the Baltic states from 22 to 25 September. He arrives in Latvia on 24 September, where one of the central and most visited events will be the St. Mise Aglona Basilica. It is known that it will start at noon. 4.30 pm, but it is desirable that people arrive until noon. 15. Access to Basilica Square is from noon. 9th

Those who are registered for the Holy Mines, the entry tickets from 9 to 23 September will be available for the church in which they are registered or indicated.

Those who are not registered in the St. Eirol Mountains, but want to continue, can communicate with Catholic churches after 9 September and look for free admission tickets. Information about how you can participate in the Holy Mysj without the entrance ticket will be handed out shortly before the visit.

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