The arrival is September 1 and teachers are preparing for the new school year and a number of protest actions, because the government does not commit to increase the salaries of teachers. The Latvian Education and Science Workers' Union (LIZDA) will invite the coalition parties to a new negotiation on the implementation of the education law, but this discussion does not lead to a result, on 18 September it promises to organize a picket. The trade union still wants to talk to the coalition parties to find solutions to pay the wage schedule of teachers and raise the minimum wage to 710 euros. It was planned to be done in September. The government says that after two years it is ready to do this. In turn, the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) points out that additional tuition fees for teachers' salaries can be derived from savings on school reforms. What are the possible solutions? At the intersection discusses the Minister of Education and Science Karlis Šadurskis, LIZDA expert in the socio-economic field Anda Grīnfelde and former minister of education, educationalist Mārīte Seile. We will contact the President of the Baltinava region by telephone Sarmite Tabori and the chairman of the Koknese Council Daini Vingri.