Prosecutor will not investigate possible detention of Ms. Klavinas in criminal cases / article / LSM.LV

In early July, the prosecutor's office ruled that there was no reason to initiate criminal proceedings regarding the possible disclosure of information to the member of the Saeima, Askolds Kļavins (the Green and Farmers & # 39; Union) concerning the investigation of the Corruption Prevention and Control Office (KNAB) with regard to its actions with fuel restitutions.

Kļaviņš himself acknowledged in advance that he had received a warning of problems before he received a fee for fuel. The head of the KNAB and the overseers do not believe that the event would have made the investigation more difficult, and therefore no specific concerns were raised about such leaks, the actual broadcast of the LTV broadcast.

The Chief Public Prosecutor has informed LTV that information about the possible disclosure of information from the KNAB research department of the office has been received at the office of the prosecutor general's office.

The public prosecutor's office has not provided any further information about the content of this news because it has been classified.

After the check on 2 July, a decision was taken to refuse to initiate criminal proceedings due to a lack of composition of the crime.

KNAB LTV, in turn, has communicated that information about the possible information to non-investigating officers was forwarded without delay for investigations to the public prosecutor's office.

KNAB ensured that "in the specific case the possibility of receiving information by a third party did not in any way influence the preliminary investigation, the obtaining and strengthening of evidence". The Bureau completely rejects speculation in the context of this criminal case.

According to the information available to the LETA agency, in May the KNAB researcher sent an application to the Attorney General Ēriks Kalnmeiers for the fact that during his investigation disclosure of information from the pre-trial criminal proceedings by the party Prime Minister Maris Kucinska (ZZS) ) has been revealed.

Kucinski's LTV denied that he had disclosed any undisclosed information and linked the criticism to the pre-election period.


When Saeima decided in June to give the CPCB permission to search the home of Greens and Farmers Associates Askolds Kļavins, he said himself in a debate from the stage that he had been hearing rumors for some time that something like that would be. He received a notification in an anonymous text message.

Meanwhile, KNAB chief Jacob Straume LTV "De facto" said he had no suspicion of leakage of information from the Klavins case.

KNAB who supervised Kuchinsky also said that he did not know who had been warned by MP Klavin, a member of his group.

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