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Reinstatement of the re-election of the Orphan & Court in Riga. For the first time in the beginning of the summer the recovery of the orphan's court was lifted, because the council did not take into account the legal procedure.

The law requires the clarification of the opinion of the Orphan & Court on the work of management in recent years. Such opinion was received recently, but on Tuesday, August 21, the vote on the planned vote was postponed indefinitely, due to the lack of lengthy debates that arose by the chairman of the Orphans court to ask Aivars Krasnogolovs.

Olga Veidiņa, chairman of the social affairs committee of the city council ("Consensus"), hopes that an extension of the mandate will succeed.

"I believe that Aivars is suitable for this message, he has been working for the orphanage for 12 years, and he has done a lot in Latvia in the rights of children and in the defense of children, and he perfected his work all the time. two lawyers from the orphanage defend our children abroad who want to remove them from our immediate family, "said Veidiņa.


The second term of office of the head of the Krasnogolov orphanage will end in December. The law stipulates that the local authority, when referring to the administration of the court of the orphan, must seek advice from the State for the protection of the rights of the children with regard to the activities of the institution. Earlier, the Duma Committee had not taken this requirement into account and the decision had to be postponed.

The leaders of the opposition groups, however, had called for a match for this function. The MPs have no objections to Krasnogolov, but they would like to see the best candidate for the protection of children's rights.

The law stipulates that a new leader must be removed six months before the end of the previous president's term due to the completion of a special program for 166 academic hours. Krasnogolov's term ends on December 10, and he does not need to learn such a program as an existing chairman.

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