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Currently, more than 52% of all trips to Turkish resorts are booked in the autumn months. Holiday in autumn has a number of advantages, such as a more temperate climate in warm countries, lower prices, the best harvest time for fruit and smaller crowds of tourists in their favorite tourist attractions.

Very warm, but not tortuous

In the warmer countries during the autumn months, the most chosen people who find it difficult to withstand the high summer heat can reach 40 degrees. In the autumn the southern countries are predominantly warm and volatile, but the air is fresher and more pleasant with an average temperature of about 25 degrees. It is very beneficial for travelers with children – in cooler weather it is safer to enjoy the benefits of the holiday, children can have more fun at the pool or the sea, while overheating is avoided.

"Soon the summer season will end in Latvia, so holidaymakers who do not want to leave the sun are planning to extend the summer in warm countries from the first days of September to mid-November. Current trends indicate that travelers will not be able to travel in the autumn. less active than in the summer months Of course, the most active booking at hotels and tour operators is specifically for the holiday dates of students, so it is advisable to schedule their holidays in time, "said Elīna Aņņļonīte, product manager of the tour operator Kidy Tour in Latvia.

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Lower tourist flow and lower prices

Autumn is the best vacation time for those who appreciate a more relaxed holiday. The resort will reduce the number of tourists after the summer season, so that holidaymakers can enjoy the same entertainment but avoid crowds. Also in the autumn season the option to stay in a hotel with a higher or higher rating with the best deal is greater, but the price is probably lower than in the summer.

The highlight of the fruit season starts in September

Although most of the fruit season is associated with the hottest summer season, the harvest of fruit harvested in warm countries is mainly due to the beginning of September. For example, in the autumn Turkey starts lutina with the benefits of mandarins, oranges and the season of juicy and sweet pears. This country is known for its authentic trading venues, so it's a great opportunity to visit local markets, buy seasonal benefits and refresh your negotiation skills.

"When you enter the local market, do not be afraid to negotiate with traders, it's one of the magic of this place, and some may even be insulted if you do not." It's true, it's best to to find out beforehand how you want to spend, because it is very easy to forget about such places, "says Elīna Anņlonīte.

The season for events and excursions continues

Holidaymakers who want to get to know the warmth of the city's cultures, history and exclusive natural holes will not be disappointed if they travel in the autumn season. For example, some of the most visited places in Turkey are particularly attractive this season because of the smaller tourist flow, pleasant air temperature and autumn colors.

In the autumn, as in the summer, there are many different events in Turkey. Popular international cultural and artistic festivals are held, vintage, tourism and crafts are organized in early September. Both locals and holidaymakers from all over the world are happy to visit.

The information was collected by the tour operator "Kidy Tour".

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