Registered car checked in Riga during a technical inspection at night / Article / LSM.LV

On Sunday 26 August 2000, a total of 2000 cars were tested in Riga in 2000 during the "Technical Inspection Night" in Riga, which is 30% more than last year.

Representative of Jānis Liepiņš, traffic safety directorSintija Ambote

This year most drivers performed a free vehicle diagnosis, and a technical inspection sticker received about 20% of the cars.

A new technical inspection evening is planned on 22 September in Jelgava, while the representative of the Road Safety Directorate (JSLP), Janis Liepins, tells more about the record tonight.

"If we look at the estimated car's, a total of 78% of the car's were found to be defective, which must be corrected in the near future. (…) The most common type of defect is related to light devices, starting with non-flammable light devices, wrongly adjusted light devices and Somehow the second most common fault is related to the braking system (…), "said Liepins.

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