Reidos monitors the limitation of lead ammunition for bird hunting in protected areas / Article / LSM.LV

During the hunting season of the waterfowl inspectors of the nature conservation council organize inspectors to see if the hunting of water birds does not take place with lead ammunition.

This is done to prevent contamination of the environment and the poisoning of other animals with lead. Shots with lead traps only hit the bird a few times, others fall into the woods.

DAP representative Dagnis Vasiļevskis Kristaps Feldmanis

Dagnis Vasiļevskis, head of the Nature Conservation Division of the Regional Board of the Nature Conservation Council of Latgale, explains the essence of the ban: "First of all, someone's lead is not healthy and, as you know, the management is unfortunately not part of nature. Iron ammunition disintegrates into nature – even if it is wasted, the lead falls into the lake and rustling rustles and dissolves, but unfortunately this does not lead. "

Likewise, if a bird is hunted with metal ammunition, it is not crazy for the bird, while lead causes inflammation and the bird can eventually die.

Every year the Council for the protection of nature carries out ammunition inspections. This year, when more than 200 hunters were tested, no one found lead-based ammunition.

"It is said that it is possible at all to ban lead ammunition – not only in specially protected nature areas, but also outside of it, not only for waterfowl, but also for large game," Vasilyevsky says.

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